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Soma Therapies Ltd MyKORI  For Internal and external use 3 Step Programme · Step 1, Massage · Step 2, Relax · Step 3, .. Product #: Kori_01 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £41.66 £41.66 In Stock


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  • For Internal and external use

    3 Step Programme

    · Step 1, Massage

    · Step 2, Relax

    · Step 3, Strengthen

    Quality pelvic floor contractions are paramount for pelvic floor stability and function, but we need to work hard to maintain and condition it.

  • Made from Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Perfect for Strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Includes vibrating bullet
  • Specifically designed for massaging
  • Perfect for kegel exercises 
  • Excellent tool for perineal and vaginal massage

Unique Shape and Texture

Our pelvic connective tissue, fascia and organs are highly mobile and dynamic. Any tension, adhesion or scar tissue may cause a pulling and dragging tensions on core structures. This could reduce their function and manifest into dysfunctional pelvic floor symptoms and/or pain.

Regular pelvic floor exercises, relaxation techniques and massage help to reduce the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Use with or without the vibration setting, for internal or external use. Each programme is designed for increased sensory feedback helping you to connect with your pelvic floor while performing more traditional pelvic floor muscle training.

Design features

· Made from platinum cured silicone. · Unique shape

· Ball shaped handle

· Surface nodules

· Vibration option

3 vibration settings for progressive pelvic floor muscle training

Use the electrical vibration bullet settings to enhance pelvic floor muscle relaxation techniques.

Using the bullet setting on vibration is another way to help relax your pelvic floor muscles and perineum. Relaxing along with the vibrations will help you to engage with your pelvic floor; increasing your proprioception and sensory feedback, which will help you to obtain both stronger and more relaxed muscles.

By relaxing your muscles before you start the strengthening exercises you will be more likely to achieve stronger pelvic floor muscle contractions.

Increase your pelvic floor strength & endurance, the bullet is programmed with a three step progressive resistance training programme used for either external or internal exercises.

All three programmes have the sequence of five quick vibrations, and five longer vibration settings that range from 3, 6 or 9 seconds long. Start low and build your pelvic floor strength up gradually until you reach your goal.

Perineal Masage

The nodules increase sensory and proprioception feedback to improve muscle relaxation and enhance muscle contractions.

The perineum is an important part of our body that needs looking after to keep its’ elasticity, function and mobility.

For external massage, only use natural oils such as grapeseed, almond and coconut. These are best used for areas away from you anus and genitalia.

Massage your perineum and around your sit bones, sacrum and pubic bones to reduce tension and tight areas.

For internal massage, lubricate your perineum and around your sit bones with organic water based lubricant before you begin. It is important that your internal lubricants must not contain harsh ingredients; please check the labels before using them.

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